All orders are delivered by courier SDA and require a signature upon delivery. Orders are delivered from Monday to Friday from 9.30 to 18.30..

Is required at the time of the order, enter your own telephone number (mobile or fixed) to be contacted by the courier shortly before the delivery of the goods.

Once the items have been shipped you can not change the destination address.



Italy: 2-3 working days*

Europe: 5-7 working days*

* The delivery times indicated above are approximate, may vary related to some events. It also does not apply to pay by bank transfer. Peccato di Gola disclaims any liability for any delay in delivery not attributable thereto.


For orders:

From 0 to 100 euro is € 9.99

From 100 euro and over is € 11.99



Zone 1 (Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Czech Rep., Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary)

For orders:

from 0 to 50 euro is 19.99 euro

from 51 to 100 euro is 24.99 euro

from 101 to 150 euro is 27.99 euro

from 151 euro and over is 31.99 euro


Zone 2 (France, United Kingdom, Spain)

For orders:

from 0 to 50 euro is 24,99 euro

from 51 to 100 euro is 31.99 euro

from 101 to 150 euro is 36.99 euro

from 151 euro and over is 41.99 euro


Zone 3 (Croatia, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Portugal, Ireland, Greece, Finland, Malta, Romania, Sweden)

For orders:

from 0 to 50 euro is 29.99 euro

from 51 to 100 euro is 42.99 euro

from 101 to 150 euro is 50.99 euro

from 151 euro and over is 55.99 euro


Zone 4 ( Switzerland, Norway, Liechtestein)

For orders:

from 0 to 50 euro is 52.99 euro

from 51 to 100 euro is 68.99 euro

from 101 to 150 euro is 81.99 euro

from 151 euro and over is 99.99 euro

The shipping cost will be calculated during the checkout process based on the entered destination and the total spent.



All products shipped are insured from the moment they are entrusted to the courier to delivery to the end customer. Once delivered to the address given and withdrawn, the merchandise is no longer assured.


Peccato di Gola Shop disclaims any liability for any delay in delivery not attributable thereto.